IPARD Projects & TKDK Projects

IPARD is a grant program established for improving the rural development of European Union's candidate states and adapting those states to EU's common agriculture policy. In Turkey, IPARD projects are coordinated by Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution (TKDK), which is an establishment of Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.

By giving consultancy in all the stages of your investment, Alpar Dairy Technology helps you for taking IPARD grants for your dairy plant investment. In addition to the technical projects, we prepare the business plan that TKDK requires.

Technical Projects

For IPARD, we prepare our projects considering the investors budget, the regions in which the dairy plant will be established, and the product range. The works described in Services section of this website is also done for an ordinary IPARD project.

The project that we prepare with 100% productivity principle, will let you have a dairy plant, which will be the technological leader of its area.

Budget Plan

One of the main aims of European Union's IPARD program is maintenaning sustainable growth. In some of the previous grant programs, millions of Euros were wasted because of deficient supervision. In IPARD, the key point of the projects is preparing a business plan without exaggeration and making a reliable projection of when the investment will breakeven.

With the experience we gathered from pre-IPARD grant programs, all the IPARD projects we prepared were accepted by TKDK and our customer's investments were backed by IPARD.

IPARD Programı

What is IPARD?

IPARD (Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance for Rural Development), which is the rural development unit of the IPA (Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance), provides 300 million EUROs of grant in Turkey every year. In addition to decreasing the interregional differences by supporting the rural development, one of the main aims of IPARD is providing operational support for making the investments more sustainable.

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