Consultancy Services

Project coordination during all phases of the investment

Choosing the production technology

Inspecting the factory construction's appropriateness to the projects

Preparing the technical specifications of the construction and montage works (Architecture, Mechanical, Electricity) and inspecting the accordance of the work done and the technical specifications

Inspecting the production and installation of machinery equipment

Finding solutions to raw material, packaging material problems

Finding solutions for by-products and wastes

Preparing the technical specifications of the machinery that are going to be purchased or produced

Taking precautions against enviromental problems

Training the employees

Creating hygienic production environment by applying legal regulations (Food Register, Food Production Permit, etc)

Making the products appropriate for HACCP, GHP (Good Hygiene Practices), IDF (International Dairy Federation) and European Union Standards

Making the first production

Project Services

The projects we prepare covers the entrance, management offices, social services, production and technical services buildings' architecture, mechanical, and electricity installation projects.

Architecture Projects

Advance Architecture Project

Advance Layout Plan

Cellar, Ground and First Floor Plans of Buildings

Cross Section and External Views of Buildings

Roof Plans

Site Lists

Layout Plans, Surrounding Roads, Car Park Areas

Other Units (Management Offices, Tanker Milk Acceptance Building, Technical Services Building, Entrance Building, etc.)

Front Panels Protections Project

Door, Window Layout and Technical Specifications Detailed Project

Extra Loads Projects For Columns, Beams and Trusses

Domestic Water Tank, Fire Water Tank and Control Room Projects

Installation Galleries and Channels Project

Detailed Architecture Project

Mechanical Installation Projects

Production Principal Diagram

Advance Flow Diagram

Advance Machinery Equipment Settlement Plan

Machinery Settlement Plan

Technical Services Unit Machinery Settlement Plan

Plumbing Plan - Cold Water, Hot Water

Plumbing Plan - Waste Water

Plumbing Column Diagram - Hot Water, Cold Water, Waste Water

Industrial Waste Water Drenage Plan

Rain Water Drainage Plan

Saha Drenaj Planı

Steam and Condensation Installation Project

Normal Water Installation Plan (Tap Water, Well Water, so on)

Cooling Tower Water Installation Plan

Soft Water Installation Plan

Ice Water Installation Plan

Pressure Air Installation Project

Clean and Hot Water Recirculation Project

Heating Installation Plan and Column Schema

Master Product Flow Diagram

Cooling Installation Plan

Ventilation Installation Plan

Installation Plans and Column Diagrams of Cooled Areas (Cheese Maturation Rooms and Yoghurt Incubators)

Management and Social Building's VRF Air Condition Systems

Water Preparation Unit Flow Diagram

Steam Center Flow Diagram

Cooling Facility and Iced Water Center Flow Diagram

External Fire (Hidrant) Installation Project

Internal Fire Installation Project

Surface Cleaning Satelite System

Gas Route Project (LPG or NLG Installation Project)

PIC Diagram Tables (Steam, Water, Iced Water, Soft Water, Pressure Air)

Machinery Equipment Specifications List

Machinery Equipment Technical Needs List

Electricity Installation Projects

Grounding Project

Lightening Installation Project

Field and Front Lightning Project

Weak Current Installation Project (Data and Telecommunication)

Lightning Conductor Project

Production Units High Current Installation Plan and Column Diagram

Technical Services Unit High Current Installation Plan and Column Diagram

Main Electricity Current Control Panel and Column Diagram

Single Line Project That Shows the Distribution From Main Low Voltage Panel to Collateral Panels

Emergency Lightning Installation Project

CCTV Installation Project

TV Installation Project

Fire Warning System Installation Project