"91 Dairy Plants in 27 Years"
İş Sağlığı ve Güvenliği Eğitimleri


By preparing only dairy factory project in the last 27 years, we have became the most specialised consulting company of the industry. In addition to Turkey, we prepared projects for factories in Belgium, Egypt, Lebanon, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. For making your investment a viable one, we deliver you our years of knowledge. As Alpar Dairy Technology, our biggest aim is making Turkish dairy industry one of the standard makers of the world.

İş Güvenliği, Çalışan Sağlığı


IPARD was establised for supporting the implementation of European Union's common agriculture policy. IPARD greatly supports the dairy plant investments in Turkey for improving them the EU standards and modernisation of the already established factories. Some of the IPARD projects that Alpar Dairy Technology prepared have qualified for getting the highest grant, which is 3 million euros. For learning about the suitability of your investment for IPARD and the amount of grant you can get, you can contact us.

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TKDK (Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution) was established in 2007 for coordinating the efficient spending of funds provided by European Union and other international institutions. As Alpar Dairy Technology, we provide consultancy in all stages of your investment from preparation of the project that is going to be presented to TKDK to producing the first product. All through these processes we share our knowledge we gathered in the last 27 years.